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Stem cell therapy clinic dedicated to our research

Our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors work with patients from around the world, using new and advanced technology to treat orthopedic injuries and bone and joint pain, as well as relieving symptoms and improving the lives of patients with a multitude of illnesses.



We get the power of your stem cells to work for you

Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers is a leading research and treatment facility in Colorado and Arizona providing innovative and proven techniques and therapies using the natural healing power of the body’s stem cells.



Quick facts about stem cells

Stem cells are basic cells constantly produced by your body to heal injuries, build new skin, even grow your hair. However, your body won’t “refix” a chronic injury or illness by continuing to attack it with new stem cells – unless those cells are extracted and reintroduced into your body via stem cell therapies.

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Premier is Expanding to Scottsdale Arizona

We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening up another facility in Scottsdale Arizona June 15st, 2017. This expansion will build on Premier Regenerative’s ability to treat patients by harnessing the patient’s healing stem cells. With the expansion will come new amenities and various treatment options including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Vitamin IV Therapy. This beautiful location is in the Troon North valley. Just a putt away from Troon North Golf Club and less than an hour from Phoenix. We are truly excited to be apart of this community not just as a business, but as a contributor. We are starting to book consultations and procedures now. If the Arizona location is most convenient please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Address: 10045 E Dynamite Blvd Bldg F Suite 260, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
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Why Choose Premier Regenerative

We are a leading research and treatment facility providing innovative and proven techniques and therapies using the natural healing power of the body’s stem cells. Our services are performed by board certified pain specialists using newly advanced equipment and technology in the field. Not all stem cell treatments are alike. At Premier Regenerative, we extract your stem cells from your bone marrow because they are higher quality and result in better outcomes than stem cells from fat (adipose). We treat each patient with the utmost respect, and our concierge service makes you feel incredibly well cared for – from the first phone call to follow-up visits.

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Exclusive Stem Cell Provider for the NFL Alumni

ESPN’s Mike Golic’s Testimonial

ESPN's Mike Golic | Stem Cell Therapy Testimonial

Our Sister Company Venation

Venation was founded with a goal to be unlike any other company out there. We are striving to provide clients with a one of a kind product. Our treatments are provided to improve wellness and provide your body with key nutrients that one simply cannot get from diet alone. Our clinics are different from all the “drip bars” out there. We want you to feel safe and welcome whether alone or in groups.


What Is Vitamin IV Therapy?

An IV drip consisting of customized or pre-formulated vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This allows up to 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, in comparison to an average of 30% with oral supplements. Bypassing the digestive system allows the nutrients to enter at a cellular level. This therapy can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to help with chronic conditions such as inflammation, pain, and malnutrition. Vitamin IV provides hydration and proper nutrition. This can aid in things like energy, mood, immunity, muscle recovery and sleep.

You can visit Venation’s website Here

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Success Stories


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of patients are 70% better within one year!

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All of our biological procedures are performed on the same day with minimal manipulation of blood or bone marrow, and are therefore compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 1271, falling under the same surgery exemption in FDA rule in 1271.15 (b).