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Research Blog

07 Apr

Effects of Platelet Rich Plasma

Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers, in addition to autologous bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell injections, platelet rich plasma can be delivered directly into the target site post-stem cell injection in order to help boost the effects and healing properties of the...

23 Feb

TV’s Dr. Oz Takes On Stem Cell Therapy

Chances are, many of you have seen TV’s Dr. Oz take on stem cell clinics as offering bogus treatments with stem cell therapy. If you haven’t, it’s everything you would expect. Sharp-tongued accusations that claim stem cell therapy clinics “prey on [patients] vulnerability,” and that...

14 Feb

Regenerative Rehabilitation – Dr. Korinne Dodd

Our body is designed to heal itself. Anytime we overuse or injure the same area the body says “We’re going to stop, I’m wasting my resources on this!” Stem Cell Therapy is bypassing this process by reassigning the stem cells to the area in need....

20 Jan

Shoulder Treatment Research

The two main causes of shoulder pain seen in patients treated at Premier are osteoarthritis and rotator cuff injuries. Both osteoarthritis and tendon tears have been documented as two main causes of general shoulder pain along with instability and bone fractures. Degeneration of the articular...

06 Jan

Retrospective Knee Patient Outcome Results

A number of patients that come in seeking relief for knee pain are those that suffer from osteoarthritis or from complications that stem from an injury (many being recreational related). Treatment options for osteoarthritis and other conditions causing knee pain include medication, physical therapy, and...

22 Dec


There is a plethora of information out there about stem cell therapy. Unfortunately, a good amount of it is theory, trial findings and misguided research. Here at Premier Regenerative, we want to be as upfront and honest about the treatments we provide and have...