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Regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy offers an excellent option for treating orthopedic ailments. Stem cell therapy performed by our team of doctors is an innovative way to use your body’s own stem cells to treat chronic painful orthopedic problems (knees, hips, shoulders, feet/ankles) or spinal disc injuries and conditions that have not improved following conservative, non-surgical treatments. Many of our patients visit us after exhausting all other remedies and want an alternative to invasive surgery.

Anti-Aging Treatments

No creams, no drugs, no lifts, no problem! As we age, we see a decrease in immunity and levels of activity. Plasma-Rich Platelets “call in” stem cells from circulation and put them to work producing new collagen within the skin. Skin becomes stronger, thicker, more elastic, and will provide an improved blood supply to perpetuate the process through time.

Our facial treatments, also known as the “Vampire Facial ®” help correct skin discoloration and aid in wrinkle care. Stem cells have growth factors that help rejuvenate and restore the volume, lift and texture that we all want out of our skin. This procedure is ideal for those that want the benefits of skin rejuvenation that only surgeries can produce without going under the knife. Best part is it looks natural because it is natural. We use your own cells and assign them to areas that degenerate with age. This same process is also used for those that are experiencing hair loss. These same growth factors can rejuvenate hair growth!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Most solutions for ailing joints involve surgical techniques where risks are higher and recovery time can be long and tedious. But at the Premier Regenerative, we’re putting your own stem cells to work for you – providing alternatives to invasive procedures. Many of our patients suffer from arthritic joints, tendinitis, and sports injuries. many of which can be treated with our simple solutions for platelet-rich plasma therapy.