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Physical Therapy

Not your typical Physical Therapy. Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy is designed specifically to you and the treatment you have received. Your first visit is on us! Yes, your first session is FREE. If you choose to continue the therapy (which is highly recommended), it’s $120 per session. You can however save $120 if you sign up for our Regenerative Rehabilitation package which is 5 sessions for only $600.


Why it’s Important

It’s vital that you allow the stem cells to do their very best after treatment. Physical therapy specific to your stem cell treatment will help with pain management and re-educating your body. Your body naturally copes with pain and manipulates to lessen the source of the pain. When the area is treated, it needs a re-introduction of how to properly function. Physical therapy will provide education of proper body mechanics and engagement of core.



Learn about our  Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapist

Korinne Dodd