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This procedure is ideal for those that want the benefits of younger, healthier looking skin without going under the knife. Best part- it looks natural because it is natural.


Similar to stem cell treatments, many people are opting for PRP treatment instead of undergoing an invasive surgery. Recently, many people, including Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie, have received PRP treatments in an attempt to create healthier, more radiant looking skin. The idea behind these PRP facial treatments stems from the healing properties associated with platelet rich plasma. PRP aids injured or impaired cells and vessels in restorations via substances called growth factors. These growth factors supplement and stimulate the proliferation and differentiation of many cells within the body. This process of new cell production and old cell regeneration produces the fuller, smoother skin, while production of collagen produces the firmer, younger looking skin. In addition to these benefits of PRP treatment, it is also a more natural treatment option, utilizing the patient’s own plasma to instigate healing and rejuvenation of the skin. Other treatment options claiming to produce similar outcomes may provide an immediate result, however, the products of fillers are usually synthetic and the cost and downtime of surgery can far surpass the means of the patient.


The Process

The PRP treatment involves using a microneedle pen that is comprised of small needles that have a range of depth. These needles continuously oscillate to produce microscopic perforations in the face. The depth of the needle is adjusted depending on where on the face the pen is being used. The skin under the eye is much thinner than other parts of the face and requires a lower depth in order to maximize benefit and reduce injury. The PRP is gathered through a blood draw and centrifugation. Once the blood has been separated into its component parts, the platelet rich plasma is isolated into a syringe. A numbing cream is applied to the face prior to the treatment as a comfort measure for the patient. The use of the micro needling pen is precluded by application of the PRP to the face. This creates a lubrication barrier to prevent the pen from tugging on the skin as it glides in the different planes required to maximize even treatment of the skin. The nurse or physician works in sections of the face in order to get all areas evenly and equally. As the pen glides across the skin, the PRP that was applied to the face before use of the pen is allowed to seep through the microscopic holes. The use of the needles tricks the body into thinking that an injury has occurred, which then induces cells and other factors, such as collagen, to be produced in order to “repair” the skin. This and the effects of PRP work together to create the acclaimed look of healthier, more radiant looking skin.


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a concentrated version of one of your own blood products. Platelets, while formerly associated mostly with blood clotting, have been shown to be the transport vehicle for special healing proteins simply called “growth factors.” Each platelet is literally covered by about 1,000 growth factors. There are about 30 different types of growth factors, each with its unique property to help decrease the pain of osteoarthritic joints and injured or aging cartilage, ligaments and muscles. They “call in” stem cells from the circulation and put them to work by rebuilding cartilage, strengthening ligaments and tendons by naturally incorporating new collagen into these tissues…and new collagen into skin too! The treated cartilage, ligaments, and skin become stronger, thicker and more elastic. They have an improved blood supply to perpetuate the process through time.

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